8 Affordable Irish Prints to Elevate Your Instagram Worthy Interiors

Desenio prints
Elevate your home wall art by adding a wall gallery. If you are opting for stripped back, minimal interiors you will want to add a pop of colour by adding unique prints from Irish designers.


How you decorate your home is an expression of your identity. Playful, eye-catching prints are great for anyone wanting to switch up their interiors without committing to a huge sum of money. Prints also come with the added personal touch, while handcrafted Irish prints will serve as a unique conversation topic with your house visitors.

Art is often highly personal and subjective, yet can say so much about a person when words fail. When choosing a print for your home, go with something that reflects your passions and personality. Creating contrast with art can also is a great way to add depth to your interiors. If you have a neutral colour palette in your interiors adding colour through print will help to combine warm and cool tones while also increasing the sense of space. Art can create the illusion of space, making your home feel bigger. Begin by choosing an oversized print to immediately enhance the sense of space in your home. If you’re an art lover or simply interested in Irish design below you can discover 10 prints that we think will elevate your interiors.

Orlaith Melia

1. Claire Prouvost


2. Marta Barcikowska


3. Marta Wakulamac


4. Lola Donoghue


5. Miriam Dowling


6. Little Bee Prints


7. Andrew Kernan


Main Feature Image: Desenio