7 Sustainable Fashion Brands on our Radar

It is more important than ever to think about our clothing choices and the impact they have on the environment. We realise that sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start! We’re sharing 7 sustainable fashion brands on our radar which will help protect the planet and keep you looking on trend at the same time
  1. Girlfriend Collective www.girlfriend.com @girlfriendcollective 

A US brand selling quality activewear out of recycled materials, Girlfriend Collective produces quality clothing from recycled plastic bottles. Their Maternity Collection with ECONYL® uses a fiber made from recycled fishing nets and other waste that would otherwise be discarded into oceans and landfills. They make sure their wastewater is treated and discharged properly. Can be bought in Ireland on Fresh Cut Clothing here.

sustainable fashion
2. Sheep Inc. us.sheepincluded.com  @sheepinc 

The Sheep Inc. manufacturing process uses renewable energy and naturally saves and stores more carbon than it creates. They invest 5 percent of their revenue into regenerative projects working to improve our future on this planet. It is knitwear that’s built to last. 

3. Reformation www.thereformation.com  @reformation

A brand that has been referred to as an “environmental leader”, Reformation reuses offcuts created during the manufacturing process. They also reduce much of their carbon footprint by having much of its range manufactured close to where it’s sold. “Broadly speaking, Reformation is proving that you can look cute and protect the earth at the same time”. Reformation offers Bluesign® & OEKO-TEX certified organic materials, fair labor & wages and is also carbon-neutral, powered by wind energy and delivered through eco-friendly packaging & practices.

4. Patagonia  www.patagonia.com  @patagonia 

Patagonia delivers outdoor clothing made using mostly recycled materials with a lifetime return and repair policy. They tax themselves 1percent to support environmental activism such as supporting youth fighting against oil drilling. 

5. PURE Clothing www.pureclothing.ie  @pureclothing.ie 

An Irish brand whose efforts in sustainability has awarded them with the best project in Natural Environment at the Business Spirit Awards which focuses on responsible innovation. Only using organic cotton and recycled materials, their products are embroidered using renewable energy by Jimmy and Patricia Walsh in a fully wind powered unit in Co. Mayo. PURE Clothing packaging is made out of recycled content and is fully recyclable.

6. Riley Studio https://riley.studio @riley.studio 

Gender free fashion for the planet and clothes that are designed to last a lifetime is the focus of Riley Studio. This brand uses new technologies and thinking to create sustainable pieces. They recycle fabrics that would otherwise end up in landfill and use organic materials which are biodegradable. They want to ensure that no piece of their clothing ever ends up as waste so they offer a lifetime repair guarantee.

  1. GROWN https://www.grown.ie @grown_clothing

Irish brand GROWN are a collective of individuals who care about the planet. Their high quality, low impact and ethical clothing also aids in the growth of native Irish trees, meadows and pollinating flowers. ‘Our goal is to protect damaged ecosystems, replenish hedgerows and deepen road side borders which develop, protect and shelter biodiversity’. With GROWN in your wardrobe you can plant trees, and wear sustainable clothing at the same time.