With most of us having a little more time on our hands during Lockdown 2.0, why not delve into someone else’s life for an hour or so and prepare to be entertained. Jade Tierney has rounded up a few podcast favourites from an array of different genres. So, why not pop out for a walk or sit back with a glass of vino and get listening!

-Jade Tierney

1. Grounded with Louis Theroux
If like me you are obsessed with the work of Louis Theroux, you will be glad to see his newest lockdown project. The creative is notorious for his exquisite investigative skills in documentaries, making his subjects from all walks of life feel comfortable enough to unload on pretty much anything. While they are a little more laid back, Theroux still manages to ask the difficult questions, leading to an informative, funny and enjoyable listen.


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2. Sorted with the Dyers
The Dyers are up there as one of my favourite father-daughter duos. We normally see them all over our television screens so this makes for a change. Danny and Dani Dyer take the role of agony aunt’s, solving their listener’s deepest darkest problems. It’s for sure light-hearted escapism from all the chaos!


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3. The Tommy and Hector Podcast with Laurita Blewitt
The foundation of the podcast is three lifelong friends sitting in a shed, discussing all things Irish. With each of them sharing anecdotes in a carefree, intimate and unpredictable setting, you would just wish you were sitting across them. Conversation and storytelling at its best. Perfect for anyone living away from home at the moment, as some of the vivid chats describe the West of Ireland in detail.


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4. Same but Different
Co-hosted by Dublin sisters Keelin and Ellie Moncrieff. The pair although similar in age discuss their different outlooks on all things growing up, politics and sexual liberation. This was the first podcast I started listening to, and I was hooked. I found each episode extremely relatable and informative. We are often (unknowingly) placed in an echo chamber when it comes to absorbing information online. The duo dissects each topic and discuss different aspects and outlooks which make for a well-rounded episode.



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5. The Laughs of Your Life with Doireann Garrihy
Doireann Garrihy interviews some famous faces and discusses one of life’s greatest gifts, just having a laugh. Doireann catches up on the lives of each interviewee, their anecdotes of laughter and their own personal ‘no laughing matter’ moments. A feelgood podcast for a relaxed Sunday listen.


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6. Let’s Solve Nothing
Joanne McNally and Muireann O’Connell have launched a brand spanking new podcast. As the glamourous pair put it, ‘’the world needs another podcast’’. They promise to talk about anything and everything and ‘’fixing f**k all’’!


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