6 Interior Design Accounts To Follow If You Love Minimalist Style

Alex Dagmar

Replace the clutter with a calmer state of mind.

It seems as though everywhere you go more & more places are adopting minimalist interiors. Instagram is awash with chic clutter-free interiors and has become a go-to for inspiration. It’s easy to get lost scrolling through these beautifully curated accounts as they offer some escapism from your own clutter. There is something soothing about this pared-back approach of minimalist design.

Interested in introducing minimalism into your interiors? Below are 6 minimal interiors accounts which you should follow!

By Orlaith Melia

Feature Image: Alexa Dagmar

1. Studio Pedra 


2. Est Living


3. Ma + Partners


4. House Doctor Aps


5. Daves Home


6. MODU Studio