words by Caitriona Potter

With the nature of our work becoming increasingly remote, it can be difficult to muster up the same enthusiasm as you would for a day in the office. Focus and motivation naturally fluctuate, and it is important to support your body to feel your most energised and productive self, through habits, routines, and sufficient rest. We’re sharing some top tips to help encourage you to feel more productive and accomplished.

Start with a morning routine

A simple 15- 20-minute morning routine is an effective way to prime your body and brain for the day ahead. Forming a routine before starting work gives your body a signal that it’s time to be productive. Include habits such as drinking a large glass of water to rehydrate your body, taking supplements such as omega 3 oils and a b complex to support brain and nervous system functions, stretching, and writing in a journal. 

Journal your thoughts

Journaling your stream of thoughts in the morning is a proven way to be more creative and focused. It is recommended to write out 3 pages every morning without filtering yourself, recapping on something that is playing over in your mind. Once you write out all your thoughts, you can close the journal and begin to focus on what you have decided is truly important.

Visualise your goals

The morning is the best time of day to visualise your goals. You can also repeat affirmations to focus your attention on what’s most important to you. Doing this will prevent your stress hormones from taking over, leading to decreased focus and productivity. Keeping your goal in mind will allow you to take the steps to ensure it is done. 

Choose a productive work space

If you are working from home, it is important that your working space is fit for purpose. Avoid working in ‘relaxing’ spaces, such as on the couch or in bed. Decorate your workspace so that you feel energised, focused and inspired. Ensure you are taking regular breaks and getting fresh air when possible.

Create a vision board

Creating a vision board that you see regularly is a great way to stay focused on your values and goals. We are what we repeatedly do. Having a visual reminder of your goals helps teach your subconscious mind that this is important to you, and you will feel more inspired to act towards achieving them. 


Main image @rosiehw via Pinterest