We’ve put together five of our favourite places to take some time out and breathe, whether it’s for some family bonding time, or a solo self-care retreat in the west.
Silver Strand

There is nothing like a walk in Silver Strand with that wild Atlantic air on your face to bring you back into the present. It is the perfect place to let go of the work week, with its gorgeous bustling tides, cliff scapes and sandy beaches. Take some time out, and bask in the beautiful salty sea breeze.

Silverstrand Beach west of ireland
Image: WildAtlanticWay.com
Coole Park

Once home to Lady Gregory and a place of inspiration for writers such as W.B Yeats, Coole Park is seeped in Irish history and mythology. It’s also an ideal place for picnics as the warmer weather approaches making it suitable for families and a lovely spot for a solo stroll. This spot has it all with water, open spaces, nature abound, and winding forest paths – bliss!

Coole Park West of Ireland
Image: CoolePark.ie
Barna Woods

Almost otherworldly in its feeling, there is something truly magical about Barna Woods. It’s an enjoyable spot perfect for a morning stroll with your dog. While you’re there you could always pop into Nourish for a coffee or take one with you on your adventures, but always remember to recycle your rubbish so as to keep the woodland lovely for humans and animals alike.

Barna Woods
Image: guidetoconnemarra.com


The wild west of Connemara is soul stirring and rejuvenating. Taking a drive out there on a Sunday through the stone wall lined roads and earthy terrain will surely lift your spirits. Plus, there are plenty of places to stop on your way out from the city to appreciate some hand made treasures like Standun or the colourful Spiddal Craft Village, there’s even a secret beach around there somewhere, so keep your eyes peeled!

Connemara castle west of ireland
Image: Ireland.com

Kinvara is home to a bustling Springtime Friday market, marvellous craft shops,  and one of the most relaxing places in the west, The Burren Nature Sanctuary. Why not spend some time with the rescue animals in this gorgeous protected area and enjoy the fairy walks and flourishing fauna? It’s the perfect space to escape the bustle of everyday life.

kinvara castle west of ireland
Image: Tripadvisor.com