Whether it’s in a hallway, living room or dining room, a console table can play an important part in creating the overall desired aesthetic for your space. However, styling a console table can be more difficult than it looks! Colour, texture and scale are all important considerations when planning how to style your console table.  It’s all about creating a look that brings personality, elegance and function to your space. Read on for our top console table styling tricks. 
1. Introduce texture

When styling an open console table, adding more substantial items like baskets can add rich textural detail as well as providing balance. Not only that, but they also provide clever storage for shoes or throws! 


Top tip: Make sure your baskets are tall enough to only leave a small amount of space between them and the top of the table.  

Zara Basket- 49.99
2. Elevate the top

Hanging a mirror above your console table or leaning a piece of art can help pull it all together. It creates a focal point, drawing the eye in and balances the total look. 

IKEA Mirror - €100
3. Add visual interest 

Stacking a carefully curated collection of books with an interesting object on top will add visual interest to the console table.

Brown Thomas - €95
4. Light it up

The addition of a table lamp adds height to your table but also offers functionality. Once you have your significant pieces in place like lamps and mirrors, take a step back and assess. If the balance looks off, consider matching the scale of the two pieces on either side. Matching lamps or a vase in a similar scale will bring cohesion to the look. 


Top tip: If you’re not blessed with sockets in all the right places, consider using a battery powered, cordless lamp for your console table. 

Zara lamp - €119
5. Finishing touches 

Once the main elements are in place, it’s time to add the final details. Adding a candle for scent, small sculptural pieces, a tray for keys or even some greenery are all beautiful finishing touches that will bring your console table to life. 

Cloon Keen Candle - €49

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