5 Communities to Join this Season

The value of community care and having a supportive space to share with others is so important for our personal and collective wellbeing. From exploring the great outdoors and deep salty oceans to evenings spent on cosy couches journaling, we are sharing five of our favourite groups you can join this season!
The Hike Life

The Hike Life is a free hiking community with guided mountain leaders. Here you’ll find tailored groups such as singles hikes and friendship hikes so you can meet others looking for similar communities. You’ll also get lots of hiking inspiration and tips for bringing your dogs along on your hike!

Image - @thehikelife
Salty Sea Sisters

Adventurous women, mountains and sea, explore and connect across Ireland and the UK with others in this vibrant community. They also have a Salty Sea Sisters swim map of Ireland so you can take a planned or spontaneous dip when you’re out and about.

Image - @saltyseasisters
Sisterhood Journals

If you would prefer to find your group in a cosy space, these journals are focused on positive mental health and self discovery. There are weekly group classes delivered by a CBT & Journal coach and there is also a podcast available.

Image - @sisterhoodjournals
Galz Gone Wild

If you have a love of the outdoors and want to connect with others who feel as passionately about it as you do, Galz Gone Wild is the perfect community for you. This group promotes body positivity and inclusivity within their community and with groups and monthly events across Ireland, there’s a new troupe waiting for you to join!

Image - @Galzgonewild
Image - @Galzgonewild
The Brave Way Meditation

With a 21 day guided meditation course and a supportive group of fellow meditators you can begin to bring meditation into your life through The Brave Way. Don’t worry if you’re new to meditating, this space welcomes anyone who wants to learn how to transform their perspectives and quieten their mind. You’ll also be welcomed into a Facebook group to connect with others following the course.

Image - @thebraveway_