5 Benefits of Sustainable Interior Design

Sustainable Interiors

1st Image: Nadhura Furniture nadhura.ie

Sustainability is no longer just a trend, but a necessity in order to conserve the earth’s natural resources. Sustainable fashion has become the new norm in recent years, and interior design has followed suit. Consumers are now looking to purchase pre- loved furniture, recycled materials, and refurbished interiors. Here we are sharing five benefits of switching to sustainable interior design.


It is no secret that mass production of any kind has a huge cost on the environment. Switching to sustainable interiors means there will be less natural energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Buying sustainably reduces the pollution caused by manufacturing and transporting goods, and guarantees workers aren’t exposed to unsafe conditions that can affect their health and wellbeing.


Handmade sustainable products are often made with better quality materials. This means they will be more durable and last longer without the need for future replacements. This further reduces waste and pollution over time, so not only will you be helping the environment, but you will also be saving money! Unsustainable goods often use raw materials quickly and are poorly made.

Milis Candles ‘Morning’ mymilis.com available in Cuckoo Craft and Design, Kinvara


Sustainable and ethical candles are a unique way to brighten up any space. The natural ingredients in soy based candles, for example, are better for your health as they do not emit carcinogenic toxins. In fact, they pull toxins from the air. They also emit little to no black smoke which means they won’t tarnish white walls and they bring a warm glow to our space.

Dobos Ceramics ‘Embracing’ dobosceramics.com


Sustainably made goods, such as furniture, use only the highest quality natural materials, compared to mass-produced interiors, which are made with toxic materials such as solvents and toxic spores. Sustainably made goods exclude toxic materials that can contribute to various health problems.


Similar to sustainable fashion, there are often great stories behind the sustainable materials used in interiors, making them distinctive and distinguishable. When buying second hand furniture, or handmade items, it is unlikely that you will see the same piece twice. Decorating your home with these interior pieces is a sure way to create a unique space, full of character and stories.