3 Step Cleansing Routine for Blemish Prone Skin – ACNE Awareness Month

Yonka Nude Perfect Product
June is Acne Awareness Month and is the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of this common skin condition, which affects over 645 million people around the world! Approximately 40% of adult women and 80% of adolescents experience blemish-prone skin in their lives. More severe cases can impact one’s confidence which can have a knock-on effect from socialising to work, impacting the overall quality of life.

A good cleansing routine is vital to skin health. Your skin goes through so much in the day, dealing with pollution, free radicals and make-up, all of which can accelerate skin damage and cause acne.

Skincare experts Yon-ka Paris are on the case however and have created a three-step program designed especially for those with blemish-prone skin or acne. The products naturally help to calm and clear the skin through controlling oil production, helping to normalise and heal the skin of existing blemishes. They are gentle enough for everyday use and free of harmful side effects.

Step 1 – Cleanse

Remove makeup and cleanse the skin with Yon-Ka Gel Nettoyant, a 2 in 1 cleansing gel which is suitable for combination/oily skin types. All traces of makeup from eyes, lips and face are removed and skin is left beautifully balanced. (75ml €30.50) 

Step 2-Purify

Yon-Ka Juvenil is a treatment suited for combination to oily skins prone to blemishes. Non-oily, non-comedogenic, it is quickly absorbed. Its formulation purifies gently, ichthyol and the essential oils locally purify the skin, its oily aspect is less visible, the appearance of blemishes reduced. Day after day, with regular applications, the skin texture is refined, and the skin improves with fewer signs of imperfection. Calendula and azulene leave the skin clean and soothed which is super important for blemish-prone skin as harsh ingredients can aggravate the skin further. (15ml €34.50)

Step 3 -Balance

Crème 15 purifies and rebalances combination and oily skins prone to blemishes. Burdock, sage and birch tree contribute to clearing the skin; the combination of mallow, chamomile and arnica soothe the skin while St John’s wort helps improve skin texture.  It is important to note that this cream does not substitute for a day cream, it should only be applied locally on the blemishes and to prevent the apparition of new ones. (50ml €35)

Skincare expert Michelle Ryan will be joining GALWAYnow on Instagram live on Thursday, 25 June at 8pm to talk about how to create a spa environment at home, and why using masking and exfoliation is key to maintaining good skincare results at home.

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