3 of the Best Shows to Binge Watch Right Now

tv screen
Not sure what to watch tonight? Here’s a quick guide into what we’ve been loving!

-Jade Tierney

The Social Dilemma

This captivating documentary pretty much solidifies all your fears when it comes to social media. A true eyeopener into the dangerous world of social networking giants. Top tech experts share the alarming behind the scenes of major networks they’ve been apart of creating. The ninety-minute docu-drama covers everything from how we are so excepting of round the clock surveillance, to these giants manipulating human psychology to make us act a certain way. Critics have said the Netflix documentary will be the most important thing to watch in our generation today.


I May Destroy You

The BBC comedy-drama explores living as a millennial. From the meaning of consent, racism and drug culture. Although its main focus is a sexual assault story, it’s heavily layered with current events affecting young people today. The unsettling show is meant to make you uncomfortable. Michaela Coel had full creative control as she is the main star, writer, and director. The twelve-episode series is a tough but important watch, with so much to take away from.


Good Girls

With season four getting the green light, this list would be incomplete without mentioning this Netflix show. An interesting spin into the world of money laundering, when three seemingly normal suburban mums, team up to join the life of crime. With it comes many twists and turns, with heavy consequences. The storyline flows throughout the three seasons with one hilarious script and talented cast. Extremely binge-worthy, and a must-watch.


Feature Image – Pixabay.com