A new year brings with it a host of fresh new interior trends to provide inspiration for anyone looking to update their home. Whether you are looking to make small adjustments to your decor or are planning a complete revamp of your space, we’re predicting these three interior trends will be popular this year. 
1. Bold & Beautiful

With everyone spending more time than ever at home, homeowners are now looking to inject more personality into their interiors. This has led to a newfound confidence when it comes to using colour that we haven’t seen before. While neutrals are a perennial favourite, we’re noticing a move towards bold, bright colours that spark joy. Shades of green, blue and yellow are becoming increasingly popular with green set to be one of the biggest colour stories of the year. Bolds not for you? Warmer shades of neutral in dusky, earthy tones will also be big this year. 

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image via Farrow and Ball
2. Inspired by Nature 

The interior trend of ‘bringing the outdoors in’ has been around for quite some time. Biophilic designs connect us to nature and, in recent years, we’ve seen a rise in the popularity of touches like house plants and the use of organic materials. This trend is set to continue and intensify in 2022 with homeowners embracing nature to create serene, calming environments using natural materials, earthy tones and natural light. To create the perfect nature inspired look, combine materials like wood, cork and stone with fabrics like jute and sisal. And don’t forget your foliage! 

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Image via pinterest
3. Back to Black

When it comes to choosing some of the smaller details of your home, we can expect black to make a breakthrough in 2022. Black is the colour to watch for in all home accents this year including window frames, trims, cabinet hardware, door frames and bathroom fittings like showers and taps. Black accents can give a subtle, sleek and modern look to your interiors and it matches most colours making it a versatile addition to your home. We particularly love black accents in a bathroom for a chic, modern aesthetic. 

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest