For the first time in two years, Design Miami was fully back in action. Bringing over 40 galleries and studios from around the world to Miami beach, Florida, the avant garde furniture fair sets the stage for global home decor trends. Galway designer Conor Biggins, representing Objective Gallery, was in attendance and predicts these three design trends will play a big role in 2022. 


1. Imperfection

Right now, there is nothing more trendy than embracing imperfection. After decades of trying to control nature through design in an attempt to create ‘perfection’ we have taken a step back to appreciate the visual comfort that lies in the organic and raw elements of nature. This trend will continue to grow, playing a large role in the attraction of sustainable design. 

Joseph Walsh Studio - @josephwalshstudio
2. Natural Design 

Keeping in line with imperfection, nature will blend into our home surroundings more and more. Research has shown the direct influence that our homes have, not only on our moods, but our overall health and well-being. Natural colour schemes have been proven to be more calming so expect to see more moss, olive and wood tones along with the use of grainy stone. Furthermore, furniture styles will likely take on a more biophilic design by taking inspiration from mushrooms and other plant life. 

3. Positivity

After two years of lockdown, the world is crying out for a big boost of positivity. Many of us will leave Covid with a renewed sense of optimism and design will reflect this new outlook through bold patterns, exaggerated proportions and comforting curves. 

Niamh Barry - @NiamhBarry

Check out the full article in the new Spring issue of GALWAYnow to read more on how designers from around the world are approaching design and how this will shape our interiors in 2022.