2020 Nail Trends to Inspire Your Next Manicure

Nail manicure on model
With 2020 swiftly coming to an end, here are some of our favourite nail trends we want to bring through to 2021. Whether you’re comfortable with a clean French tip or prefer to step out in bolder shades, check out these unique ideas you’ll want to share with your nail tech!

By Jade Tierney


Social media has heavily influenced the finer details when it comes to nails. ‘Mink’ Nail Studio based in Dublin creates the stunning set that was inspired by the work of Irish artist Audrey Hamilton. This trend gives nail techs the freedom to create literal art!



If you are looking to make a statement, stiletto is the way to go. A little weapon like, the long sharp nails won’t be everybody’s cup of tea. Saying that due to the length it gives room to create killer nail designs. Wouldn’t do any heavy lifting though! ‘Julia nails’ based in Galway city created this fun stiletto set, perfect for more daring clients.



Having works of art on your nails is the new norm and we are here for it. The aim isn’t perfection, the messier the better. Mixing patterns and textures with multiple colours creates nails made for the gram! This set by ‘The Nail Gal Edinburgh’, shows the best of this trend!



Animal prints:

Animal prints on nails have been around for quite some time but it’s forever evolving. Mixing patterns and colours has kept this trend alive. ‘The Beauty Lounge’ based in Galway puts a spin on the traditional cheetah print, mixing colours on a nude base.




Subtle details with simple designs, although minimum, is still extremely effective. Fun and fresh without overwhelming your hand. This trend also eliminates the worry of your nails not matching your #ootd.



*Feature Image: Stocksnap, pixabay.com