Situated right in the heart of Spanish Arch, we absolutely love the eloquent and plush interior of Lime. From the moment you enter the doors, there is a real sense of Asian authenticity about the place.

Lime combines the best of Malaysian, Thai and Chinese dishes, complete with their own unique twist.

Lime’s lunch menu is simply second-to-none for those seeking a light, tasty & affordable midday treat. We recommend trying the ‘Pad Kai King Ma Maug’, which is a chicken, cashew nut and sriracha sauce stir-fry.

A feature that differentiates Lime from the many Asian Restaurants in Galway, is that there is a clear emphasis on using locally-sourced ingredients, in particular seafood. This is reflected on their dinner menu with options such as ‘Nueng Pia Ka Pong’; an incredibly tasty Seabass dish.

Lime offers many original delicacies, making it one restaurant worth making a reservation at as soon as possible.

One of the newer Asian restaurants on the list, Xian Street food has quickly become popular as a consequence of its delicious menu and fantastic customer service.

Xi’An Street Food is located at Quay Street in the heart of Galway City. The casual restaurant showcases and brings traditional and authentic Chinese food culture to Galway.

The menu includes the Xi’An meat burger (known as Roujiamo), which is like a hamburger, but with a much longer history. Roujiamo could be the world’s oldest sandwich or hamburger since this bread dates back to the Qin Dynasty and the meat to the Zhou Dynasty. There are just two elements — baked leavened bread and shredded braised meat.

Another menu highlight is Biang Biang noodles, this is a very interesting and popular dish in Shaanxi province. This is where it all began! Biang Biang noodles are named after the sound made when the large belt-like noodle dough is slapped against the counter as they are pulled. The result is an extremely long, thick noodle topped with chili, pork and vegetables like carrots, potato and greens. Don’t forget your camera as it’s likely the longest noodle you’ll ever have! This is like food theatre, as you can watch them being made.

Lana Asian Street Food

Lana is another relatively new restaurant – yet is already a well-established brand in the locality.

Based in Salthill and member of the quickly-growing chain of Lanas in the South-west of Ireland, this restaurant comes with a big reputation and never fails to disappoint. The focus is to bring authentic Asian Street Food to Galway, which they carry out incredibly well.

Regarding the menu, one of the most attractive features asides from the food itself is the pricing. You’re looking at a starter and main for roughly €15, and portion-wise you won’t be disappointed.

The food is absolutely divine. Whether eating in or taking-out, you’re guaranteed to enjoy a blend of Asian flavour, vigour and zest. Our personal choice has to be the special offer that ran through January, which we tried more than once. The dish in particular is the ‘Thai Garlic and Chilli Chicken with Steamed Rice’. This was available for just €7 – so you can be assured of value.

Asian Tea House

The Asian Tea House is a favourite amongst Galwegians, and is providing us with delicious, authentic, oriental cuisine. Situated on Mary Street, a thirty-second walk from Shop Street, this is where the gourmet Asian food-craze really began in Galway.

The menu covers almost the entire spectrum of Asian cuisine, including Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and China. Walking through the doors makes you feel as if you have been transported into the heart of Asia and immediately prepares you for the impending delicacies.

Our personal favourite dish is the Vietnamese Lime Pork. Asian-prepared pork is incredibly succulent and tasty, but the Asian Tea House takes it to another level entirely.

An added benefit is the adjoining Buddha Bar, with a fantastic selection of cocktails and beers for drinks to complement your meal.

Papa Rich

Papa Rich has taken Galway city by absolute storm since its introduction to Galway in November 2015. It can be difficult to get a table at the weekend, so booking in advance is necessary.

To go with the incredible food, there’s also the added bonus that all starters are €5, and all mains are €10. This often leads to an extra starter split between two when we treat ourselves to a night in Papa Rich!

If you’re a fan of spice – you’re in luck. Each Papa dish is rated on the menu with little flames to indicate the level of heat, and there is a huge selection! Our recommendation is the Papa Rich Har Mee, marked with four flames. This dish is a blend of vermicelli noodles tangled with tender prawns and chicken, completed with mixed Asian vegetables.

If you haven’t already been, we highly recommend booking a table – you won’t be disappointed!

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